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Allowing Your Feelings To Dictate Your Diet Is Not Healthy

Eating your feelings on the job? Time to move and dump this eating habit. This eating habit, which is also referred to as binge eating, is not advantageous; since this will not help you obtain your goals in lifeā€”to stay lean and healthy. Eating whenever you are angry or depressed will not bring any positive […]

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Job Burnout And Its Connection To Stress Eating

Do you find yourself feeling comfort in eating a quarter pound burger and large size softdrinks after every stressful meeting? Or, do you end up emptying a jar of jam before you even finish making your report? If you answered yes, here is another question. Do you still enjoy what you are doing, your job, […]

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Can A Sweet Dessert Make You Lose Weight?

Do you know that dessert with breakfast boosts weight loss? For sure, this question might catch you by surprise especially when you are often told that desserts are not supposed to be consumed during breakfast since this will only make you fat. However, according to the latest health study, incorporating desserts on your breakfast combine […]

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