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Allowing Your Feelings To Dictate Your Diet Is Not Healthy

Written By: Live It Up Mexico - Sep• 18•12

dietEating your feelings on the job? Time to move and dump this eating habit. This eating habit, which is also referred to as binge eating, is not advantageous; since this will not help you obtain your goals in life—to stay lean and healthy. Eating whenever you are angry or depressed will not bring any positive results, since what you will get from this habit is massive weight gain that you do not want to happen, don’t you?

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the women who are more prone suffering from binge eating, since they adiet1re known to be much vocal with their feelings to men. You can easily conclude that a woman is angry or irritated since her body will give you all the signs that you are looking for. Women just cannot control their emotions especially after undergoing a tough situation which they cannot handle. Most of the times, you will see these women turning their attention to eating so they can release their anger or depression.

While they are relieved from the burst of emotions they have inside, there is one aspect that suffers along with this practice – their weights. A woman who cannot control her time while eating is likely to suffer an extra weight gain in just a few weeks or even days. This is not impossible since an emotional eater is a person who will not stop eating until there are no more foods to serve to her.

In case you are suffering with this dilemma too, you are lucky since we will share some tips on how to stop from this unpleasant habit. One is to know the root of your emotional eating and try to resolve that issue so you can prevent yourself in indulging too much when eating.

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