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Are You Up With The 500-Calorie Challenge?

Written By: Live It Up Mexico - Dec• 10•12

Do you have any ideas on what 500 calories look like? Do you think that consuming 500 calories per day is enough to give you the energy that your body needs? What if you love eating any types of foods, are you up to the challenge of limiting your calorie intake for 500 units for each day? In case you experience a hard time in answering these questions, then most likely you are not properly informed about calories and what it means to your life. However, even if you lack in the sufficient information about this subject, you should not be depressed since this post will feed you the essential facts you should know about calories.

Calories play important role to your weight loss goal. If you will ask the health and weight experts out there, majority of these people will mention the sheer importance of monitoring your calories intake. They will also remind you the significance of making your body burn more calories than the ones it takes every day. This is to prevent any fats buildup in your body, since unburned calories will be stored as body fats.

So, does it mean that you need to limit your calories intake at 500 calories per day? No, 50o units of calories are not enough since this figure is way low at the required amount of calories that your body must have for each day.  Your body needs calories in order to accomplish the things you need to do, since calories is the source of your energy.

So, can you survive a 500 calories diet? If you have excess weights that you want to get rid of, then following the 500 calories diet will fit your needs. However, before you decide of following this diet, you must prepare yourself in the changes that will happen to your body.

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