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Can A Sweet Dessert Make You Lose Weight?

Written By: Live It Up Mexico - Sep• 18•12

Sweet DessertDo you know that dessert with breakfast boosts weight loss? For sure, this question might catch you by surprise especially when you are often told that desserts are not supposed to be consumed during breakfast since this will only make you fat. However, according to the latest health study, incorporating desserts on your breakfast combine with high protein rich foods are a good way to lose your excess weight effectively.

Based on the study that has been done by the researchers from the Tel Aviv University, people who eat sweet desserts in their breakfast lost more weights when compared to the ones who eat their morning meal without it. Although this study is not yet embraced by other top health and weight researchers, it is expected that there will be more studies that will be performed in the future to verify this claim.

The combination of the carbohydrates rich foods and high protein ones that get rid of the excess weights are the ones that might have kept the researchers satisfied with their works. However, they also concluded that one must pay close Sweet Dessert1attention on the foods he eats in order to attain positive results.

Eating refined carbohydrates and other sweet treats are causing a roller coaster type of effect on the level of blood sugar, energy, insulin, fatigue, and appetite. According to some health experts, the inconsistent changes that one is experiencing from these foods could result to suffering from type 2-diabetes.

One reason why researchers have claimed that sweet dessert is causing weight loss is due to the low level of the ghrelin, which is classified as the hunger hormone. The low ghrelin level makes them not to feel hungry and prevent them from eating from time to time, and this helps them not to gain much weight.

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