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Does Turkey Really Make You Tired? Or Another Culprit Does It All?

Written By: Live It Up Mexico - Mar• 28•13

During holiday season, it is very good to indulge yourself into eating! This is part of the very relaxing mode. But have you ever noticed that once you have done your turkey eating feast, you feel very sleepy? What is the rationale behind this experience? Does turkey really make you tired? Let us find clear answer for the surprising question.Turkey

Tryptophan, this is the amino acid that is when contained in food, can produce a sedative effect. They are responsible for the production of serotonin, especially when combined with other nutrients and amino acids. But unfortunately, this is not present in turkeys. As a matter of fact, it is really present in egg, soy and beef.

If not the turkey, then what might cause the drowsiness that we feel? Based on some studies conducted, it has been proven that the increase in food intake is the main reason why we get tired and wanted to sleep. Since the body needs more energy to digest all the foods that you have eaten, it needs to slow down the other functions of the body. And it is only possible through letting you go for a sleep.

Turkey 1It is the carbohydrates that make you feel sleepy. Since this kind of food is known for production of sugar, it results into higher level of insulin. Insulin has the ability to trigger the tryptophan which wills eventually results to production of sleeping sedative named serotonin.

Also, we must take note of the alcohol that we sip during holiday seasons. It is never hidden to us that this kind of beverage has the “sleeping effect.”

To wrap things up, we can say that it is not the turkey feast that makes us feel sleepy and tired. It is the combination of all the food that we eat. Not to mention the ambiance that we have during holiday seasons.

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