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How Katie Stagliano Changed The Concept Of Helping

Written By: Live It Up Mexico - Jan• 14•13

Katie StaglianoOne tough question these days that needs to be answered is this, “How one teen will feed cancer patients in need?” Although this question will definitely give you a hard time in figuring out its answer, the case is different for those people who are familiar with the thirteen-year-old teen named, Katie Stagliano. Yes, this is the kid who has her own garden in her house and has successfully built a community garden that is able to feed hundreds of hungry families. In the event that you are not familiar with the activities of this young girl, this post will help you by providing some important details about her noble deed.

It all started when Katie has joined a program where she has to plant cabbage in order to win the $1,000 scholarship for her school. The cabbage she has raised grew much bigger than the ordinary ones, as it weighed 40 pounKatie Stagliano 1ds. This particularly extra large vegetable has been the vehicle which has helped her to start the community garden that has the purpose of helping those people lacking in nutrition.

So, what is the connection of Katie’s community garden with cancer patients? After Katie learned that the cancer of Ethan Zohn, the host of Everyday Health has returned, she made a pledge that she will do something to honor him as well as the other cancer patients around the world.

Just like what she has done with her community garden, together with her mother, they began to solicit for other help to fulfill their mission – feed the cancer patients in needs.

Since their intention is noble and is not seen every day, many people have pledged their support and helped in this cause, thus assuring Katie that she will succeed in accomplishing her mission once more.

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