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Job Burnout And Its Connection To Stress Eating

Written By: Live It Up Mexico - Sep• 18•12

Stress EatingDo you find yourself feeling comfort in eating a quarter pound burger and large size softdrinks after every stressful meeting? Or, do you end up emptying a jar of jam before you even finish making your report? If you answered yes, here is another question. Do you still enjoy what you are doing, your job, do you still want to do it? If you answered no, then you are eating your feelings in the job. Time to move on.

There is a study published on the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” that have proven that women who do not enjoy doing their job anymore are prone to emotional or stress eating, or having the need to eat all the time even if they are really not that hungry. This is based on a research done among 230 Finish women whStress Eating1o all had jobs, and after answering some questions after a year, many have scored high on the measure of emotional eating with being tired of their jobs as a main reason.

Although their eating habit does not really affect their weight, over the course of one year with that habit of stress-eating, but in the long run if this condition is not treated early, it could lead to a more serious condition other than or connected to being overweight, which are diabetes, high cholesterol, and more.

Now, if this happens to you and you cannot afford to quit your job yet, you should start doing something to change this habit. This is mainly because of stress, so you should find other ways to avoid and deal with it before it is too late. The next time you feel like ordering ‘another’ serving of chocolate fudge brownies with marshmallows, peanuts and chocolate chips on top for takeout, stop. Think hard. If you know you do not need this, and if only to relieve your stress, try running an hour or two everyday and you will notice that those unnecessary cravings will be gone before you know it.

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