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Make Your Snack An Extension Of Your Diet Plan

Written By: Live It Up Mexico - Oct• 12•12

Do you have any ideas about the smart snack options? Do you know the importance of having a healthy option when it comes to your snacking? In case you are one of the people who love eating in-between meals or also referred to as snacks, then it will be very vital for you to pay attention on the subject that we are about to discuss here – the smart foods for your snack.

While there is nothing wrong in indulging to your snacks while you are watching your favorite TV programs at the wee hours of the night, it must be noted that it is the choice of the foods that make this extra meal very unhealthy. Yes, you read it right. You are allowed to eat or snack at anytime of the day, but you need to be sure that you are eating the right foods.

Below are some of the foods you can eat without any guilt feeling:

  • 1 sliced of bread and hardboiled egg
  • ½ cup of ice milk
  • graham crackers
  • chicken noodle soup ½ cup
  • baby carrots 1 cup
  • nonfat fruit yoghurt
  • baked potato 1 medium
  • 1 piece or slice of whole-wheat bread

The foods that we have provided here are just some of the healthy options you can have for you snack. Just what has been emphasized earlier, there is really nothing wrong to indulge in late night snacks as long as you are not eating the foods that are not included in your healthy diet. As you can see, it is essential that you watch your calories intake especially during your snack, since this is the time that you have the tendency to set aside your diet program and eat foods that you know can make you fat.

However, if you are really serious in attaining your ideal weight, you will not allow your poor choice of snack foods to ruin your chances to succeed with your weight loss program.

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