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What Americans Must Do To Alter The Bad Impression On Their Diet

Written By: Live It Up Mexico - Jan• 26•13

Bad Impression On Their DietMost people will no longer be surprised anymore to various studies stating that young Americans need to cut calorie intake. For sure, you are one of these people who also believe that Americans absolutely fail in watching the progress of their diet programs. One does not need any further proof, since all you need to do is to take a look at the average Americans these days. What is the first thing that you will notice with these people? Yes, majority of them are overweight and suffering from obesity.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there are many Americans who are at the critical level of obesity when compared to other countries. There are also various reports that show white people tend to overlook the amount of the calories their bodies take, which made them very vulnerable against uncontrolled weight gain.

In case you are one of the individuals that are severely affected by this report, you should not be depressed about it, since there are some ways to resolve this growing concern in obesity.

Here are some tips you must follow:Bad Impression On Their Diet1

  • Avoid eating in your favorite fast food restaurants. As you can see, most of the foods that are served here are high in calories which could make you grow bigger.
  • Involved in a regular exercise or any outdoor sport. In this way, you will be able to keep your body active and compel it to burn more calories for each day.
  • Avoid drinking sweet beverages such as drinking soda. Although these drinks are delicious and addictive, you must learn how to stay away from them, since these products will not be good for your health.

What you have read are some of the effective tips on how you can break free from the common impression, which says young Americans do not care on their health.

How Katie Stagliano Changed The Concept Of Helping

Written By: Live It Up Mexico - Jan• 14•13

Katie StaglianoOne tough question these days that needs to be answered is this, “How one teen will feed cancer patients in need?” Although this question will definitely give you a hard time in figuring out its answer, the case is different for those people who are familiar with the thirteen-year-old teen named, Katie Stagliano. Yes, this is the kid who has her own garden in her house and has successfully built a community garden that is able to feed hundreds of hungry families. In the event that you are not familiar with the activities of this young girl, this post will help you by providing some important details about her noble deed.

It all started when Katie has joined a program where she has to plant cabbage in order to win the $1,000 scholarship for her school. The cabbage she has raised grew much bigger than the ordinary ones, as it weighed 40 pounKatie Stagliano 1ds. This particularly extra large vegetable has been the vehicle which has helped her to start the community garden that has the purpose of helping those people lacking in nutrition.

So, what is the connection of Katie’s community garden with cancer patients? After Katie learned that the cancer of Ethan Zohn, the host of Everyday Health has returned, she made a pledge that she will do something to honor him as well as the other cancer patients around the world.

Just like what she has done with her community garden, together with her mother, they began to solicit for other help to fulfill their mission – feed the cancer patients in needs.

Since their intention is noble and is not seen every day, many people have pledged their support and helped in this cause, thus assuring Katie that she will succeed in accomplishing her mission once more.

Are You Up With The 500-Calorie Challenge?

Written By: Live It Up Mexico - Dec• 10•12

Do you have any ideas on what 500 calories look like? Do you think that consuming 500 calories per day is enough to give you the energy that your body needs? What if you love eating any types of foods, are you up to the challenge of limiting your calorie intake for 500 units for each day? In case you experience a hard time in answering these questions, then most likely you are not properly informed about calories and what it means to your life. However, even if you lack in the sufficient information about this subject, you should not be depressed since this post will feed you the essential facts you should know about calories.

Calories play important role to your weight loss goal. If you will ask the health and weight experts out there, majority of these people will mention the sheer importance of monitoring your calories intake. They will also remind you the significance of making your body burn more calories than the ones it takes every day. This is to prevent any fats buildup in your body, since unburned calories will be stored as body fats.

So, does it mean that you need to limit your calories intake at 500 calories per day? No, 50o units of calories are not enough since this figure is way low at the required amount of calories that your body must have for each day.  Your body needs calories in order to accomplish the things you need to do, since calories is the source of your energy.

So, can you survive a 500 calories diet? If you have excess weights that you want to get rid of, then following the 500 calories diet will fit your needs. However, before you decide of following this diet, you must prepare yourself in the changes that will happen to your body.

Why It Is More Fun Doing Group Exercise

Written By: Live It Up Mexico - Nov• 25•12

Do you love exercising together with your friends? Are you enjoying more doing your daily exercise if there are two or more than people besides you? In case your answer to these questions is yes, then you will be one of the people who will benefit from this post. Why? This is because the following information that you will get from this post is about the benefits of group exercise. Yes, this is the workout method where there will be numerous people around you, doing the same exercise you are performing.

Here are the benefits that you can get from group exercise:

  • Motivation. By participating in the group exercise, you will be properly motivated in giving your best effort. This is true since the people around you will push you to perform consistently in your exercise routine. Having more than one person who shares the same aspiration, which is to stay fit and healthy, will force you to accomplish your goal.
  • Physical benefits. Most of the group exercises today are available in varied programs such as indoor cycling, cardiovascular workout, kickboxing, dance aerobics, weight training, calisthenics, step aerobics, and yoga classes. All of these exercises programs are capable of giving you the benefits which is to improve your physical appearance.
  • Accountability. One positive thing that you will get from a group exercise, which you cannot achieve in exercising alone, is the accountability.  By attending group exercise, there will be people who will push you to commit yourself in the exercise program. You cannot skip a day in this program just because you do not want to. This is true since most group exercise programs are imposing rules that must be followed by their members.

After learning the benefits of attending group exercise, will you now pursue changing your workout preference?