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The Proper Diet For Athletes

Written By: Live It Up Mexico - Oct• 15•13

Proper Diet For AthletesOregon State University suggested that a low fat and high fiber diet are best for athletes who want to maintain a healthy weight that’s right for the particular sport that they do.

It’s surprising to know that almost half of the population of high school athletes in the United States is overweight. Considering the fact that they are supposed to be following a particular diet and some form of exercise on a regular basis, this is truly very alarming.

Melinda Manore, an Oregon State University researcher discussed in a recent review published in the Nestle Nutritional Institution Workshop Series the importance of making the athletes learn to eat low-fat, high-water and high-fiber diet to maintain their lean muscles. And that while diet fads may seem better and effective it’s clear that it can only make athletes unhealthy.
According to Manore, to maintain lean muscles is what most athletes want. That’s why they would usually restrict calorie intake all at once thinking that it can help them lose weight faster. It can actually work but what happens is that they lose the lean muscles as well. Not only that since calorie intake is decreased, energy is also compromised leaving the athletes with having very low energy to practice making them more susceptible to injury as they exercise.

There is already a number of research that proves calorie-counting to be ineffective. Monroe explains that what’s most important is for the athletes to practice a healthy lifestyle while they’re in training or not. She gave a diet plan that the athletes can adapt if they want to maintain a healthy weight without compromising some other important factors. One thing she recommends is the “low-energy-dense diet” that includes whole grains, lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables and low–fat dairy.

She also points out the importance of:

Eating breakfast. Just make sure that your breakfast is high in fiber, low-fat dairy and quality protein.

Proper Diet For Athletes1Quality protein. An athlete should get about 30% of their daily calorie intake from protein but they shouldn’t get that in one meal. Instead, they should spread their consumption of protein in all of their meals throughout the day to prevent over consumption.

Regular exercise. Some athletes tend to gain weight during the off season. This is because some of them just suddenly stop doing exercise when they’re not training. Maintaining a regular exercise routine even when outside training can help them keep their optimum weight.

Keeping off of fad diets. Fad diets are not recommended for athletes since it can alter the metabolism of the athlete resulting in more difficulty in losing weight, and since it can affect the athlete’s energy which is very important especially when in training.

Manore explains that even if this outline is made for athletes any person can adapt this if they are also aiming for a healthier lifestyle.

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